Beyond Recognition

Beyond recognition…


PW-panayam-justice-for-kentex-workers-featured-644x322For some Christians, bodies are just elements that will join the earth when people die. The spirit should be fed and nourished and not worry about the  bodies, so faithful ones would preach.  Physical bodies are temporary  while the souls are eternal and more  important,  the pastors and priests would proclaim.   Maybe this kind of belief is the reason why churches are just talking about salvation of the soul while forgetting the salvation of the bodies.  Maybe this is the reason why churches do not speak with prophetic anger and pastoral care when the bodies of workers or the poor ones are not respected and being violated. The theology  or belief that it is the spirit that should be prioritized than the bodies, give so much justification for the capitalists to proceed with it “business as usual” agenda of extracting  super  profit out of the poor bodies of the already…

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