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Huwag sana nating isipin na madaling gawin ang kapayapaan.

Yes to genuine peace in Mindanao!
Yes to genuine peace in the Philippines!
Yes to peace talks!


#Mamasapano:  Questions that Aquino Should Answer in his Address to the Nation

Answer please, Mr. President!

like a rolling stone


  1. Who authorized the PNP-SAF operations against terror suspect Marwan? At what level was this decided? It is unbelievable that 392 supposedly elite SAF elements were mobilized against a high-value target on the US most-wanted list, and Malacanang says it knew nothing. That’s just unlikely for an operation of that scale and of that importance.

  1. Did the US provide intelligence for the operation against Marwan? The US has long been involved in operations against terror suspects including Marwan. In 2012, it was reported that the US Pacific Command provided real-time intelligence and helped in an airstrike that supposedly killed Marwan. The Mamasapano operation was supposedly triggered by the interception of a cellphone communication involving the target. Was the operation undertaken upon the directive of the US? What was the extent of US involvement in the actual operation? Was the operation approved because of the $5 million bounty dangled by the US?

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Hindi ako sang-ayon sa pagsuspindi sa pagtalakay ng Bangsamoro Basic Law dahil sa nangyari sa Maguindanao. Dapat, mag imbistiga ng maigi ang pamahalaan sa nangyari at gamitin ang makukuhang relevant na impormasyon para repasuhin ang panukalang batas.

Yes to genuine peace in Mindanao!
Yes to genuine peace in the Philippines!
Yes to peace talks!

A Nation of Christians vs. A Christian Nation

Bottom line: there is a big difference between being a CHRISTIAN NATION and being a NATION OF CHRISTIANS.

The Accidental Missionary

AM Christian Nation

I returned home from a trip to Saudi Arabia last week.

When I landed in New York, I was greeted by a stern-faced U.S. Customs agent grilling me about my travels. Next, a perfect stranger in airport security felt me up so thoroughly that I must now confess a sin of adultery to a Catholic priest. Then, I paid $17 for lunch in the airport food court, where every outlet serves a menu of soggy cardboard warmed beneath the tender glow of four giant heat lamps.

And I loved everything about it. Home sweet home.

After my meal and subsequent indigestion, I sat in the lounge waiting for my final hop back to Nashville, soaking in all of the familiar sights and sounds. College hoodies. Southern accents. Bluetooth headsets. I overheard a couple talking in the row behind me, grateful to be around a familiar language once again. As I…

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